ECB Shipping has a well maintained and classified fleet of ships. At ECB Shipping, Vessels are maintained at the highest standards and comply with all regional and international standards. ECB Shipping is a dedicated and reliable provider of Services in Spot market, Contracts of affreightment and Time charter employment. We charter vessels on bareboat/time/spot basis, subject to market demands and client requirements.

Our Chartering team provides commercial management for the fleet. Operations team works closely with Chartering to ensure that each voyage is meticulously organised down to the last detail. Operation teams coordinate almost every facet of a voyage, from loading and discharging to port calls, from trans-shipment and bunkering to tank cleaning and weather routing. They also ensure that the ships are fully prepared for the cargoes that have been fixed for them, and also efficiently coordinate the critical communication taking place among our customers, Ship Owning and Chartering groups, as well as third-party owners, agents, and ship-management teams.

At ECB Shipping, we follow a systematic and holistic management process to effectively manage our operations that contributes to our sustained development and stable growth.